Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød

Smoked Salmon by Lox Box & Barrel. Sourdough Boule by Easy Tiger.

Smørrebrød, the Danish staple that literally translates to “butter bread” is a fond reminder of the years that my family spent living abroad in Copenhagen. I was in college at the time and going “home” to visit Denmark every summer and winter was such an incredible opportunity. The entire country of Denmark maintains 100% organic farming practices, they are surrounded by over 4500 miles of coastline, and their cities are designed for walking and cycling everywhere you need to go.

Being immersed in the Danish culture, with all new examples for how one could go about their daily life, and being more exposed to the elements than ever before, opened my horizons and heightened my awareness and intuition for how to live fully and take care of myself.

Smørrebrød, a slice of fresh baked bread smeared with butter, is a canvas for an endless smattering of savory toppings.

One of my favorite combinations, pictured here, is smoked salmon with capers, parsley and a squeeze of lemon atop of a buttered slice of sourdough. No recipe required! Simply assemble and enjoy.


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