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Hello! I'm Leanne, and I created Balanced Cooking to teach you how to use Japanese culinary philosophy to make delicious & wholesome meals!

Balanced Cooking Basics

1. Start with organic, wholesome ingredients.

Think vegetables, grains, fruits, legumes and pasture-raised proteins. They are rich in nutrients, and are easier for our bodies to recognize and absorb than processed foods. For immune-boosting energy, make sure to fill at least half your plate with seasonal, plant-based foods.

2. Choose a wide range of colorful ingredients.

Aim to get the five major color groups in each meal: Black, White, Green, Yellow, and Red. Each color corresponds with a unique nutritional profile to maximize your intake of nutrients and antioxidants.

3. Pair ingredients to get all the five major tastes in each meal.

When Sweet, Salty, Sour, Pungent, and Bitter elements are all present you maximize the flavor dimensions of your meal without the need to add excessive amounts of fat and salt.

4. Prepare ingredients using a variety of cooking methods.

Balance umami-rich, calorie-laden cooking methods with lighter, probiotic-rich ones while providing a rich depth of texture and flavor for our enjoyment. There are plenty methods to choose from! ie. Steamed, Raw, Grilled, Fermented & Roasted.

The best part about Balanced Cooking is that it is accessible to anyone because all you need are your five senses!
Experiment with different ingredients and cooking methods to find combinations that feature the freshest picks from the farmers market. As you practice, you’ll find that you become more present and tuned into your natural instincts for how to nurture yourself. With each meal you enjoy, cooking will become a more fun, intuitive and creative process!
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